The Company of Cordwainers
 of the City of York

Traditionally, since the 13th century. the Guilds of York have performed the mystery plays on wagons dragged through the street of York, In 2010, the Company worked with Parish Church of St. Luke The Evangelist to produce “The Agony in the Garden”.

The illustrations were taken during the July 2010 performance at the Museum Gardens 'station' by the Company Past Master, Jane Hatcher.

The Court of Assistants

The Master and members of the Company committee, the Court of Assistants proceed the entry of the wagon.
The Play
More than 60 people were involved in bringing this production to completion. The play was performed on two days at four stations across the City. After completing each performance, the wagon is dragged manually to the next station and the performance completed, truly a mammoth task.
The Agony in the Garden

The Company of Cordwainers and St. Luke’s Church are no strangers to each other having produced the “Harrowing of Hell” in the 1998 sequence of Mystery Plays.